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Hanger Management is perhaps the most crucial element for organization and mobilization in the retail environment. IRSG’s patented hanger management systems are designed to reduce hanger purchases, lower labor expenses, and increase processing efficiency.

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Experienced Market Leader

IRSG has been providing the industry’s highest quality, longest lasting, and most versatile Inventory Processing and Transport Systems since 1968. We offer a wide range of products, allowing you to find everything you need, all from one supplier.


Comprehensive Product Line

As a division of Pipp Mobile Storage Systems, Inc., IRSG has the opportunity to offer our customers the most comprehensive line of backroom storage solutions. Our expanded product line includes Mobile Storage Solutions which are guaranteed to increase storage capacity, improve productivity, and enhance organization in any storage situation.


Innovative Solutions

We design solutions where others hadn’t recognized the need for improvement, and our vision has prompted us to create over 200 unique, flexible, and durable solutions for a vast array of retail needs. Each and every solution has one goal: to successfully streamline your business from the back door to the sales floor in an efficient, organized approach.


Optimizing Every Space

We also offer a comprehensive line of perimeter wall shelving and storage and shelving accessories to truly optimize your storage potential. Our extensive line of storage solutions further strengthens our capability of being your “one-stop-shop” for all of your storage and inventory processing and transport needs.

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hanger bar rack

Freestanding Collection Rack

Keep your hangers from creating a large mess with this freestanding hanger collection rack. These sales floor hanger racks are also mobile and easy to move with additional hanger bars available in 3, 5, 6, or 8 bar. 


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Hanger Bars

Hanger bars are available in a variety of lengths, and with clamp and foam options. Foam backing on clamp makes this bar ideal for operations that use hangers of varying neck thickness. Use in systems where secure clamping of hangers to the bar is needed. Contact IRSG today to get hanger bars for your mobile wire racks. 


hanger bar transfer rack

Mobile In-Store Hanger Bar Transfer Rack

IRSG hanger bar transfer racks can collect either 10 or 18 hangers of varying widths. Store at the cash wrap and transport hangers to the backroom for storage or processing. The ISTR is also ideal for mobile backroom storage where fixed storage space is not available.


hanger bar rack

Under Counter Cash Wrap Collection Wraps

In Counter hanger collection racks include adjustable in counter, channel mount in counter, fixed in counter, and retractable. This rack keeps away the clutter and is ideal for making hanger management systems invisible to the customer


hanger add ons

Double & Single Storage Starter Add-On Racks

Double and single starter wall mounted hanger bar storage racks provide the most efficient and productive way to store full hanger bars. Constructed of structural aluminum with continuous “zytel” nylon hooks. Designed to mount to the wall with the base resting on the floor.


wall mount hanger rack

Wall Mount Hanger Collection Racks

Wall-mounted hanger storage racks to hold 5 or 8 hanger bars of any size. Ideal for limited space locations. Multiple columns of storage can be created since each upright is clipped on both sides. Request more information to get started. 


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