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IRSG has succeeded as a leader in Inventory Processing and Transport Equipment because of our ingenuity and continued product innovation. 

As challenges arise, our team prides itself on working with our individual customers to develop the perfect solution; whether that means customizing an existing product or designing an entirely unique product. In fact, that is how many of our 200+ products were engineered.

IRSG works directly with retailers and visits their backrooms during the processing of merchandise. This gives us the opportunity to observe how hanging, folded and boxed merchandise is handled from the backroom to the sales floor while getting feedback from the store employees. IRSG then offers solutions providing the best way to streamline this process for maximum efficiency.

Some examples of IRSG’s innovations include:

IRSG’s newest innovation is our patented polyurethane bumpers These bumpers were originally designed for a large department store looking for a better solution to prevent their store fixtures, showcases, and walls from potential damage caused by contact with merchandise transporters and racks . This state of the art bumper covers over 90% of all contact points. The bumper was intentionally engineered for easy installation so it can be retrofitted to racks already in the field.


Rolling Rack

NTM-48-GHR is our new, multi-function bulk nesting transporter that was originally designed specifically for a major retailer to allow store employees to bring hung, boxed and/or folded merchandise to the floor at one time. It features three folding shelves which are slightly slanted toward the back of the unit to keep merchandise securely in place. Plus, under the top two shelves are two retractable garment rods to hold hanging merchandise. These transporters increase productivity and also nest when not in use to save valuable floor space.

IRSG’s patented locking directional caster provides users with unmatched control, maneuverability and ease of use of many of our racks and transporters. This solution was engineered after observing how store employees at a number of retailers had difficulty steering various racks straight down long aisles.

directional caster

Case Study

Custom Product Development

IRSG was called in by a major department store chain to develop a customized solution to service their new store in New York, NY.


Problem Presented: New Store had virtually no back room space and no room to receive and process shipments. The retailer decided to supply all merchandise via truck from Distribution Center 90 miles away in Hartford, CT.

Problem Analysis: IRSG visited Harford, CT Distribution Center and NYC Store to analyze their requirements, limitations, and learn of any delivery restriction at the store.



IRSG designed a new cart (NT-51-OVR) to transport fully processed merchandise (hanging & folded apparel, housewares, etc.) to store.


IRSG designed custom truck trailer to maximize number of carts that could be transported.


IRSG sourced heavy duty casters for the carts to tolerate the wear and tear of repeatedly transporting fully loaded carts from the DC to the store.


IRSG designed empty carts to nest to maximize number of carts that could be returned to DC from store once they were unloaded.

Wire cart

Let's Talk

Contact our sales team to help you choose the right inventory processing solution to meet your needs.

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